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Give your personal artistic journey a boost! Experience GOBELINS' magic and learn online from our amazing team of teachers…wherever you are.

Our wide range of online courses will help you improve your skills in Drawing, Animating, Storyboarding… These intensive short programs are the perfect opportunity to follow live-streamed masterclasses and to apply what you've learned during the workshops.

What else? Invaluable technical advice and individual feedback from your professional tutor…Have you always dreamed of attending GOBELINS? Give it a go and submit your portfolio!

We look forward to welcoming you to GOBELINS Online!

Online courses



Capture the essence of the pose to tell your story!

Dates: 6 Feb. to 24 April 2023



Learn what makes a successful character animation!

Dates: 5 to 16 Decembre 2022



Make your own storyboard, and turn it to a great animatic!

Dates: 3 to 20 April 2023


Objectives: What can you expect?

  • GOBELINS will give you a personal access to Blackboard - our virtual learning environment - a few days before the course starts.
  • Follow live streamed lectures given by Internationally renowned experts from the industry sharing their professionalism and passion
  • Discover GOBELINS methods on advanced techniques
  • Teachers’ lectures are recorded and can be listened at a later time
  • Learn and apply best tips while completing your exercises
  • When needed benefit from free software licence to be installed on your computer for the duration of the course.
  • Start networking with other talented members of GOBELINS’ Community
  • Take the opportunity to showcase your work in front of a jury on the last day.


GOBELINS online, join the dedicated Virtual Community on Blackboard!

For whom?

Students or Professionals

  • Applicants must be over 16 years old
  • Classes are 100% taught in English
  • All attendees will receive an official certificate from GOBELINS at the end of the online course

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